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Harness for Caving RC38 BAA

Main Features
1) Double attachment loop in front of the stomach can be connected to chest ascender through semi-circle carabiner or triangle connector.
2)It's efficient harness for rope climbing when used with shoulder strap for chest ascender fixing(ZRC74).
3) Webbing with variable width on leg loop is easier for rescuer to use foot ascender (ZRB02) for technical climbing
4)Padded waist belt and foot loop improve the comfort for rescuer.
5) The carabiner on lanyard can be connected to attachment holes at the two sides of waist belt for peripheral rod type horizontal protection.

1. Safety Harness should be hanged on higher place and user in a lower place. 
2. Absorber, speed didfferential dvice and self-locked carabiner can be used together. 
3. Users are forbidden to tie the rope, or connect the hook directly to the safety harness. The hook should connect with carabiner. 
 4. All the accessories are not allowed to be moved. 5. After two years using, must be tested. 
6. The connection of safety harness, main lock and main rope should be in correct position. 
7. Avoid slit and sharp condition. 
8.Harness should be used under 80° C
9. Avoid contact with chemicals. 
10. Don't stitch or remove the seam. 

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