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Long Distance Descender RD10

Main Features
1)  The heat caused by long distance descender rope friction dissipates quickly to prevent damage to rope due to high temperature.
2)  Installation of one-way rope prevents the rope from twist or wrap;number of bars engaged on the rope may be adjusted according to requirement so as to adjust firction and descending speed.
3) (ZRD10) is designed with brake stop to realize short or long time braking on rope; suitable for single or double rope with diameter from 9-13MM.

Operation & Caution
Attaching the descender to the safety belt: place the carabiner locking mechanism to you.
2. A metal device, for example a descender, can act as a lever on the gate of a carabiner. If a carabiner is improperly loaded as shown, its locking sleeve can break under a very low load (e.g. bodyweight), allowing the carabiner gate to open and the device to detach itselffrom the carabiner. For greater security, make a habit of backing up your systems and equipment, especially carabiners.
3.The rope must be threaded through all 5 bars on the LONG before using any of the lockoff positions.
4.Rapid lockoff: you need to keep your hand on the free end of the rope all the time. This position is useful at the start of the rappel, or for freeing tangled rope during the descent.
5. Be careful, the LONG could not ensure adequate braking if used alone. Your hand must always grip the rope.
6. Braking: the braking position will vary according to your bodyweight and rope diameters.
7. Increase the braking friction.
8. Product's performance will be gradually reduced by the following factors, such as mechanical loads, abrasion ultraviolet light and moisture.
9. If the equipment is used properly and is protected in a good condition, the usage of the product had better not exceed 10 years.
10.Used frequently: six months to one year. Used normally: three year to five years.Used sometimes: eight years.
11.In addition to the inspection before and during use, the equipment must be regularly inspected by a capable inspector. We suggest that the inspection must be performed at least once a year .what’s more, the frequency of the in-depth inspection must be governed by the type and the intensity of use.

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