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Foot Ascender RB02 R

Main Features
1)   Foot strength makes the climbing more efficient and more tireless.
2) Chrome-plated catch pawl is designed with self-cleaning slot, it allows sufficient grip on icy or dirty rope.
3) It can easily take the ascender off from the rope only by kicking foot back.
4) It's suitable for single rope or diameter from 8-13MM.

Operation & Cautions
1. To make sure whether the equipment is free of cracks, deformation, marks, wear, corrosion or not.
2. Before every use, inspect the straps and frame visually and make sure whether the condition of pawl wheel is in a good condition (spring and axle).
3. Inside of the foot: The straps are fully adjustable to adapt to your shoes and it also can alter the height (the lower, the more powerful, the higher, the more comfortable).
4.Push the pawl wheel to install the rope. What you need to do is to make a simple backward kicking movement, you can eject the rope from the Foot Risers, make a simple backward.
5. With the equipment installed on rope, inspect whether the equipment jams in the desired direction.
6. It is favorable to use the right-foot Risers (ZRB02), in conjunction with Abdr (ZRB16) and Hand (ZRB17) rope clamps.
7.Push your both feet simultaneously (more comfortable and more Powerful).
8. The two Foot Risers (ZRB02) Make use of the double ropes technique to conjunction with a Hand (ZRB17) handled rope clamp.

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