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Manual Descender RD09

Main Features
1)  The swinging side plate can be installed on or removed from rope withtout disconnecting it from the harness,especially suitable for belay point on midway.
2)  The descending speed can be adjusted by handle and hand controlling the rope end.
3) Suitable for single rope with diameter from 9 to 12.5MM.

Operation & Cautions
1.Warning: The self-braking function works only if the handle is released and able to move freely.
2. Do not allow anything to interfere with the movement of the handle (carabiner, rope, lanyard...). 
3. The device must be able to function freely at all times.
4.Do not allow it to become jammed in a crack or otherwise constricted - it will not work in this case. Avoid hitting it against the rock and avoid getting sand in the mechanism.
5. The effectiveness of the self-braking function varies depending on the condition of the rope (diameter, age, flexibility, cleanliness, etc.). Any lubricant on the friction surfaces can reduce the braking ability.
6. WARNING DANGER, in order to avoid rubbing against abrasive or sharp surfaces, attention should be paid to the equipment.
7.The DOWN is not tested for ropes of less than 8 mm diameter, as the self-braking function no longer works. In this case, it can be used as a simple descender, requiring additional braking.
8. Open the side plate and attach the DOWN to the safety belt or anchor using a locking carabiner.
9. Install the rope according to the drawing, then close the moving sideplate and lock the safety switch around the safety carabiner.
10.Verify that the pawl wheel and its spring move freely without rubbing or friction.
11. Make sure that the rope is installed properly and devices are all in good condition, you must use a protection system, during each operation.
12. Remember to tie a knot in the bottom end of the rope. For your safety, never let the free end of the rope go during a descent. Braking and descent control are influenced by varying the grip of the hand on the free end of the rope. Release the handle to activate the self-braking function. Squeeze the handle to deactivate the self-braking function and allow the rope to run.

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