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Chest Ascender RB16 AAA

Main Features
1)  The catch pawl is designed with self-cleaning slot,it allows sufficient grip on icy or dirty rope.
2)  The operating systems of ascender are all designed within frame,which minimizes the possibliltiy of accidental snag during climbing,convenient for one-hand installation or dismounting;the upper hole is used to attach shoulder strap ZRC74,making the ascender tightly fixed in front of chest.
3)  The attachment point at the lower part is used to attach the semicircle shaped carabiner ZRM37 TL or triangle shape connector ZRP11-8 and harness.
4) It's suitable for single rope or diameter from 8-13MM.

Operation & Cautions
1. To make sure whether the equipment is free of cracks, deformation, marks, wear, corrosion or not.
2. Inspect the straps and frame visually and make sure whether the condition of pawl wheel is in a good condition (spring and axle).
3. Check the condition of the frame, the connection holes, the pawl wheel and safety handle, the springs and the pawl wheel axle.
4.WARNING, never use a rope clamp or grab which has missing or worn-out teeth.
5. To monitor the condition of the equipment and its connections to the other equipment in the system regularly is very important. Make sure that all pieces of equipment in the system are placed properly.
6. The safety handle may snag and cause the pawl wheel to open.
7.Push the pawl wheel to install the rope. What you need to do is to make a simple backward kicking movement, you can eject the rope from the Foot Risers, make a simple backward.

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