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Oval-Shaped Carabiner RM66 TL

Main Features
1)  The lock and gate use key-lock system,the interface is level with anti-snag function,the rope is winding rapidly when descending;the direction of oval-shaped lock is fixed by any long axis,suitable for rapid descent of spiral rope.
2)  Two-step key-lock system(TL) is suitable for frequent door opening and closing,it avoids risks for forgetting to close the door in hurry and reduces risks fo false door opening in operation process.
3) Anti-snag system prevents it from catching clothing and fittings,reducing risks of and increasing descending speed.

1. To make sure whether the frame, lock gate and spiral locked set are free of cracks, deformation, marks, wear, corrosion or not.
2. Open the lock gate and inspect that it can close itself automatically when released. The Key hole must not be jammed by any foreign materials such as dirt, small gravel and sawdust.
3. To monitor the condition of the equipment and its connections to the other equipment in the system regularly is very important. Make sure that all pieces of equipment in the system are placed properly.
4.This connector must be closed or locked when being used.
5. To lock the connector, screw the locking sleeve until it stops and blocks the gate from opening.
6. WARNING DANGER, in order to avoid rubbing against abrasive or sharp surfaces, attention should be paid to the equipment.
7.Users must be medically fit for activities at height.
8. WARNING, inert suspension in a harness can lead to serious injury or death.
9. Your application of this equipment must in line with governmental regulations.
10.When using multiple pieces of equipment together, something dangerous may occur if the safety function of one piece of equipment is compromised to the operation of another piece of equipment.

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