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Traverse Pulley RP01

Main Features
1) Parallel double pulley is especially stable for overhead traverse,the stainless steel pulley is durable no matter for rope or cable.
2) Pulley of 26mm diameter mounted on ball bearing has a high efficiency of 95%
3) The attachment point at lower part can be linked with three carabiners at the same time,so as to arrange hauling in various directions or establish auxiliary belay systems.

1. To make sure whether the equipment is free of cracks, deformation, marks, wear, corrosion or not.
2. Inspect the pulley and make sure whether it is in a good condition.
3. Test the function and deformation of the Mobile side plates. Make sure that the pulleys do not rub against the Mobile side plates.
4. To monitor the condition of the equipment and its connections to the other equipment in the system regularly is very important. Make sure that all pieces of equipment in the system are placed properly.
5. Only you have the professional abilities can you install and use the HEART CABLE tyrolean
6. Any equipment linked to the pulleys (such as anchors, ropes, locking Connectors and so on) must conform to applicable standards and/or regulations.
7.Lifetime depends on a variety of factors, such as: the frequency of product using and the actual usage.
8. Product's performance will be gradually reduced by the following factors, such as mechanical loads, abrasion ultraviolet light and moisture.
9. If the equipment is used properly and is protected in a good condition, the usage of the product had better not exceed 10 years.
10.Used frequently: six months to one year.

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